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5 Most Watched Video Ads that Created A Sensation in 2017
12 January 2020

5 Most Watched Video Ads that Created A Sensation in 2017


Time on time we come across huge streams of data online in gthe form of information, news feeds, blog posts or advertisements. And advertisements out of them are designed purposely for us by marketers to convey their brand message. They employ the smartest of hacks to lure us.

But with so much of similar product and service offerors competing with each other, we come across few ads that leave a definite mark on us. They make us THINK, push us to ACT UPON and not to IGNORE the conveyed message.

In the ever-evolving digital space, year after year we have few remarkable pieces of adverts that are categorized as exceptional, laden with the various elements of fun, excitement, emotion, and happiness.

Let’s take a small ride backwards into 2017 and look at the TOP 5 ads that made viewers think twice…

Here we go,

  • Ancestry’s “Declaration Descendants”

On the first spot, rules the perfectly crafted video ad from Aired on 4th of July last year, it boldly highlights the message of we all being alike even more than we think!

Ancestry’s Chief Marketing Officer Vineet Mehra quoted in an interview, “We’re all much more similar than you think. And we’re using facts and data to prove it. This is not fluffy marketing. These are facts.”


  • Apple’s” Earth – Shoot on iPhone”

Dedicated to the beauty of our home planet Earth, this video had magnificent shots of the beauty and importance of our planet. Highlighting on the critical issues related to climate change, the video also features the late Carl Sagan’s narration on passages from his 1994 book Pale Blue Dot – A vision of the Human Future in Space.


  • Microsoft’s “#MakeWhatsNext: Change the Odds”

A part of Microsoft’s yearly campaign - #MakeWhatsNext, this 3rd year Microsoft laid emphasis through the ad urging young American girls to take STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).


A concept extremely well thought of, encourages young girls to pursue their dreams and make them aware of the gap that lies there, evidently speaking of the gender norms in the male dominant industry. It pushes them that yes, they can, and they should.

A truly thought-provoking ad, shouting aloud – “change the odds”. Excellent use of VFX!

  • Nike’s commercial ad with Arab athletes

Lauding the feat of the 5 successful female athletes from Arab countries, this Ad touches the highly sensitive issue of the traditional gender norms prevalent in these countries. And still these successful women fought all odds and displayed what they have gained is astoundingly ahead of the expectations.


  • Audi’s “Daughter” Campaign

The luxury car maker, had brought to limelight that they support Equal Pay for Equal Work. The company has touched the social issue of Pay Equality. Loren Angelo, Vice President of marketing for Audi of America, shared his view on the ad regarding it as the “culturally engaging topic that Audi as a company is focused on. And this is certainly something that is true to Audi and to something that’s happening in our society”.


Above, I have discussed the TOP 5 ads that went viral over the internet and seized to capture audience attention still while dealing with highly sensitive issues prevalent today. These concerns made the viewers think, and act.

These ads turned out to be successful as they have crafted a story and gelled it with today’s social concerns and cemented them with facts, altogether making them POWERFUL.

While crafting your next ad campaign analyze the ads that have generated their space in viewers mind and what made them stay UNIQUE.

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