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7 Unmatched Benefits Video Advertising Offers to B2B Marketers
12 January 2020

7 Unmatched Benefits Video Advertising Offers to B2B Marketers


Video Marketing has proved its mettle and brought hefty returns for marketers that had wisely encapsulated their marketing strategies with this widely popular and most easily consumable form of content. Not only the scope is limited to B2C companies but is now equally gaining momentum with the B2B buyers.

A change is monitored with the response rate B2B buyers have secured with their video marketing campaigns. According to the recent study by HubSpot, “  of all online activity spent watching video; 75% executive watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week.”

For those who still are in a dilemma to whether include this form of advertising in their marketing strategies read this article. You would find 7 unmatched benefits that could enable you to rack up your profits.


  • Videos Boost Engagement Levels -

Being human we respond faster and interact better with any information consumed visually than textual. Even one retains information longer if consumed through videos. B2B audiences are relatively smaller in comparison to B2C and creating personalized videos would certainly maximize engagement and lure them towards your brand. Personalization is the key to build connections and B2B marketers can take advantage from this.


  • Increases Lead Generation

When any casual visitor hits the play button to view a video, he already has captured your attention and has interest in your brand. To advance them to share their email, you need to direct them through more set of connected videos that would guide them or make them aware about your product or service.

Well researched, planned and artfully developed videos will persuade these visitors to leave their information in the form of a prospective lead.


  • Improved and Higher Conversion Rates

A well-crafted video can push a casual visitor to give a lead and eventually when directed through the funnel can convert him into a customer. Stats have proven the massive impact videos leverage on conversion rates for B2B. According to a study released by Forbes – 50% of the surveyed business professionals who had viewed a video prior to making a purchase decision had made the purchase after viewing the video.


  • Search Engines Rank Videos Higher –

Search Engines rank content that provides better engagement and are more relevant. Videos tend to have higher engagement rates and are more relatable, which makes them gain higher rankings.

Well optimized and researched videos with prompt tags and annotations have higher search rankings on YouTube -  the 2nd largest search engine. Spreading your videos across multiple channels like website, social platforms, search engines will boost your visibility manifolds.


  • Strengthens Trust and Credibility for your Brand

Videos greatly boost viable conditions that can help build trust from the customers. Customers believe and react to what they see and act accordingly. Isn’t that great!

Marketers when showcasing their brand with the right set of information that helps customers know what your business has in store for them, who are your employees, what culture does your business support and others. All these help customers gain confidence over your brand.


  • Delivers Better ROI

Stats clearly indicate that marketers who have invested in video advertising have rejoiced benefits of higher ROI. One study claims that, 76% of businesses who use video believe that it provides a good ROI. (Source – Wyzowl)


  • Increases the effectiveness of other marketing tactics

Videos when combined with other marketing tactics have proved highly beneficial for marketers. Inclusion of the word “Video” in the email subject line boosts Open Rates by 19%. Moreover, if an email includes a video the Click-Through Rates increased by 200-300% (Source – Digital Information World)


Hope this article gave you the necessary inputs to nudge you towards investing in video marketing in 2018. It’s the right time to churn the maximum from the benefits of video marketing!

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