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How to Create Dynamic Video Ads for Your Small Business?
12 January 2020

How to Create Dynamic Video Ads for Your Small Business?


Small Business owners should also consider working out their video marketing strategy. As, not only this strategy is the most preferred form of content when it comes to user consumption online, but it also can affect the sales figures and profit margins.

A simple informative video ad aimed at providing the right information which the product or service holds. This highly engaging and intuitive form of spreading the information not only makes the brand more recognizable but also increases sales and makes the brand existence strong across the web.

Let’s figure out the science of crafting a dynamic video ad. A video ad can be employed anywhere right into your Facebook page, YouTube channel, your website, newsletter or any other way you have decided to reach out to the audiences.

Here are the five tips that can help you create a dynamic video ad for your small business.


  • First Few Seconds are VITAL

Showcase the Important Elements in the beginning of the video. It’s critical to capture audience attention else they would simply click away or skip the ad. A wise tip to follow is to add some sparking elements right in the start of the video that can generate interest of the viewer. This can be a question that is the major problem faced by users and the solution your product offers or something share worthy.

To arouse quick interest in viewers excellent, premium, high-definition images should be used at the start of the video. The same goes true as most of the videos are on auto-play mode and start mute.



  • Highlight your brand’s ‘Unique’ Points

You need to show how your brand is different from others. You need to exhibit what benefit your brand is going to provide to the viewers. Display your brands effectiveness, justify how you are different from your competitors.

Insert customer feedback and testimonials about your brand. The more the use of such proofs, makes your brand appear strong in front of the viewers. This boosts your brands credibility and makes it appear as an effective one.


  • Consider the Optimal Video Length

To decide the time length of your videos is highly essential, as the longer the video the more possible chances of viewers to drift away. A 30-second or less video is thought to be ideal online. While drafting the video scripts keep this in mind that the optimal video length should be near to 30-seconds and the important message that needs to be communicated should be covered in an easy to understand manner.

However, when it comes to brand positioning then longer videos can prove to be effective.


  • Persuade Viewers with the ‘Whys’

You should clearly state the reasons that support the viewers decision or rather helps them in building their mind set and generate trust and authenticity. Stress more on the perceived value, the ultimate benefit or features, the ground-breaking patented technology used.

Plan the video ad with due weightage on convincing the audiences with the best of information regarding your product.


  • Direct viewers to ACT with a CTA

All the challenging work you did while creating a dynamic video ad, should fetch you the goal that you have decided. The attainment of that goal should be directed. You should direct the convinced visitors (after watching your video ad) to act upon the necessary action that you want them to.

It’s recommended that you should include CTA towards the end of the video. The CTA can be different as per the purpose or intent of the video ad, like you want to send visitors to your website for gaining more knowledge about your brand, product or service or it can be a buy button navigating visitors towards a discount or offer.


Employ these tips while crafting your video ad and measure the performance. Whatever may be your goal either to double your sales or to create awareness about your brand or build brand reputation. Video marketing is a proven and tested strategy and if implemented judiciously would fetch your brand the desired results.


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